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Apr. 12th, 2009

Flower Clow Card

I'm now @ Blogspot

Think I have some kind of website commitment phobia... I have since shifted to blogspot. I'm planning to setup a community to sell my stuff though... Been trying to come out with a concept on how to run the place but nothing good yet.

Anyway, my new blog address is:


May. 12th, 2008

Flower Clow Card

I'm @ Multiply

pastles has been mentioning me on her blog... Just in case people are wondering why my LJ is so empty, that's because I'm over at Multiply. Heh :D

See you there!!


Jul. 11th, 2007


Lost at 6am...

Feeling kinda lost figuring out LJ... NOOB!! It's kinda different from blogger and multiply but I'll probably get the hang of LJ soon. Since I've got an existing blog in Multiply, don't really know why I went to apply for an account here.

Right, right... I remembered why. Pam's LJ blog is 'friends only' and I gotten sign up to be able read hers. No confusion, this Pam I'm talking about is Pam from work. Not my younger sister. Even Bee's LJ blog is private.

Interesting... Interesting...

It's 6am in the morning and I'm suffering from another case of insomnia. This really sux because I'm feeling damn tired. I only managed to fall asleep at 5.30am yesterday. Clocked in just five miserable hours of partially-satisfied sleep. Couldn't laze in bed because I gotta to do all the freaking household chores. ALONE!!! This is child abuse, man!! Curses...

I know I'm tired... My eyes feel swollen... But I just can't fall asleep!! I was actually in bed at 1am but I kept twisting and turning. I gave up 5am and found myself online, doing f**k. Sigh... Sigh... Shouldn't have drank milk tea for supper.

Anyway, till I find out what I'm going to do with my LJ, do visit me at Multiply yea?